Honey Blue dropped their first single “Oklahoma Girl” on Monday, Feb. 15.

The song is a celebration of their Oklahoma roots and serves as a first glance at the EP
they hope to release this summer.

“It feels great,” Tucker McIntire, one member of the two-man band, said of making the
single public, “we have been waiting a long time, years. It is kind of awesome to see
something that you constantly work and mediate on daily finally become a reality.”

The two describe their sound as “natural,” “organic,” and “straight from the soul,” with
their home state serving as a significant muse to their creative projects.

“Everything about Oklahoma inspires the music,” Chris Jones, McIntire’s band mate,
explained. “We are Oklahoma, born and raised, and you can’t deny your roots.
Oklahoma plains paint a lot of really melodic pictures in my mind. If you’ve ever watched
an Oklahoma sunset, out away from everything and everyone, you know exactly what
I’m talking about.”


Oklahoma Girl

Verse 1

Blood red is the sun that I’m seein now tallgrass shade cools my head Down

I picked You wildflower for my side

Oklahoma girl you got my time



Wondering where has she gone now

I’m comin back down from where you left me



We were both young like the green of spring

You took me like the wind but let me breathe

I lost myself in everything but these moments with you

Summer sunsets in the grass alone

Thunder in my chest when you get close

Lookin back now on every moment with you

We were flyin


Verse 2

Fireflies and the star cool breeze at night

Whiskey on the back porch gets us feelin right

Your dance was a song and stare was mine

Oklahoma girl you stole my eyes


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